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One to One Support Services has the operational expertise for designing and the management of high quality specialist services.

In such areas as, Sensory Impairments, Special Needs, Disabilities, Elderly and Childcare.

With over 19 years of experience and knowledge in the care and education sector, the Managing Director of One to One Support Services (Melanie Ulyatt MBE) has an excellent track record of supporting local authorities, schools, regional and national charities. This gives One to One Support Services the operational management expertise for the designing and the management of high quality specialist services in the areas of sensory impairments, special needs, disabilities, elderly and childcare.

She has presented at the 13th World Deafblind Conference in Ontario Canada and has represented a national charity on the National Ofsted Forum and also the Early Childhood Forum hosted by the National Children’s Bureau, London. In 2005 Melanie Ulyatt MBE attended several parliamentary receptions and high policy seminars in the early childhood sector and 0-3 matters policy group. In the past, Melanie has been the County Specialist for Deafblindness for Derbyshire and the accredited service provider for Deafblind services. Melanie Ulyatt MBE, has also been the regional manager for a playwork education and training center and more recently held a national role for a charity managing children’s centers and nurseries across the UK.

One to One Support Services welcome the opportunity to work with agencies to support them with consultancy in the field of management of operational services for people with additional and or sensory needs. Assisting agencies with strategic planning and Quality Assurance aspects of service delivery with up to date knowledge. The government requires agencies, local authorities and service providers to meet the requirements of legislation i.e. every child matters and section 7 guidance of the community care act, providing services for people with sensory impairments. We have the expertise and knowledge to assist you.

Melanie is the Chesterfield chairperson for the Federation of Small business as well as regional chairperson. Her work here is to give voice to small business. Melanie recently won the Derbyshire Times “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2012

Consultancy Services - Areas of Consultancy / Advisory Services

We provide advice, information, consultancy and specialist assessments to caregiver professionals and service providers covering the following areas:-

  • Care Planning
  • Sensory Impairment
  • (Dual Sensory Impairment DSI / Multi Sensory Impairments MSI)
  • Disabilities
  • Acquired and Congenital Sensory Impairments
  • Policies / Procedures and Good Practice in the care sector for those providing of Sensory impairment services
  • Providing services for people with MSI
  • Assessments – DSI people / complex needs
  • Law and legislation for DSI provision
  • Complex Communication Strategies
  • Strategic planning and implementation of services for DSI people
  • Supporting carers
  • Health and Safety – Risk assessing – Strategic and implementation of strategies and processes for DSI services
  • Human Resource Management – Training Analysis for Sensory Service Provision
  • Quality Assurance – Auditing and Management of Sensory Service Provision

Management Data Bases for:

Service provision

Total Management Quality Auditing

We can also design systems to meet the requirements of your service and inspections.

Requesting Consultancy Services

Consultancy Support can be booked in full day or 1/2 day sessions. Feedback and reports are available. Please contact us via our contact page.

Choose from our range of Assessment Services:

Specialist Assessments – Provision of specialist assessments for individuals with special needs, Deafblind assessments for children, adults and older people.

For those who have acquired special needs or have acquired sight and hearing difficulties and individuals that have congenital disabilities and Deafblindness.

Assessments are comprehensive, thorough and take into account all aspects of the persons life that impact upon their ability to access information, communication, mobility, participating in daily life activities through to leisure, hobbies, recreational and quality of life. Aids adaptations and support systems will be recommended.

Assessment – Care Planning

One to One Support Services provides a Care Planning Service. With direct payment support / personal budgets / continuing health fund it is normally part of the process before monies can be released that a care planning takes place. Our care planning service is designed to help with the completion of a support package and purchase / hiring of services from PA’s or home care agencies.

Assessment – Person

2 Days i.e.     1st Day Assessment.    2nd Day spent writing Report, communicating and giving feedback.

Assessment support and observations can be arranged for longer or shorter periods.

Assessment  – Environment  or Building Audit

1st Day Assessment.     2nd day spent writing report and giving feedback.

An Environmental / Building Audit focuses on the experiences and accessibility from the users perspective. We will view the purpose and use of the building with regards to Sensory impaired and disabled people. The Audit may be an existing provision or in the planning process. The assessment covers:

Access, lighting, acoustics, furnishings, decor, layout, comfort, use, health & safety, facilities, adaptability, communicative strengths, weaknesses and systems, emergencies and evacuations, aids and adaptations, signs and information, suitability and appropriateness for client groups, tactile and object of reference trails/paths. Internally and externally i.e. grounds, entrance and approaches.

How do we work?

Contact us, call 01246 200018 for an information pack or a no obligation discussion of how we can support you.

We work with you to plan your service so that you gain the most from the Assessment / Consultancy time. We arrange a visit to you for the Assessment / Audit / Consultancy Support.

Feedback / Reports are sent to you after the visit.

Quality only truly happens when you care enough to do your best.