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Communication Services

One to One Support Services is a care provider of Communication/BSL Services throughout the East Midlands and Yorkshire.

We believe that people with sight and or hearing difficulties have a right to regular support, to enable them to live independently, access information and have a lifestyle of their choice. Participating in the community, work, education and leisure activities as and when they wish.

Communities, businesses, and services are not generally designed with people’s access in mind. People with sensory impairments can often experience extreme isolation from their immediate environment, their community, and the outside world. Our services aim to relieve this and provide regular human contact and support. By being means of accessing community activities, services and the maintenance of independence.

This service is designed to meet the communication, information and mobility needs of people who have sensory impairments from birth or have sight and hearing losses later in life. This loss may be from illness or accident. One to One Support Services has a range of specialist services with highly trained staff. They have excellent communication skills and in-depth knowledge sensory impairment.

Communicator Guide Services

This is an enabling service designed to meet the needs of people with sensory impairment. Supporting individuals with communication, information, and mobility.

A Communicator Guide acts as the eyes and ears of the Deafblind person and works on a One to One basis. They are trained to support and interpret informal situations including, shopping, leisure activities and tasks in/out of the home. They can also support formal situations such as appointments, legal / medical. A Communicator Guide can aid an individual in dealing with correspondence, keeping up to date with news and information. Provide assistance with bills, telephone calls and visits to friends. They support access to information, written and environmental when they are escorting the person on journeys and whilst at locations such as shops, clubs, during leisure and recreational activities.

A range of communication methods can be used and introduced when speech and written text become difficult. Deafblind block, Deafblind manual, Clear speech, pictorial and symbols systems and a range of other aids and adaptations can be used.

This is a unique service set up to meet the particular needs of people with acquired dual sensory impairments.

Intervenor Services

Specifically trained Intervenor staff work with families, children and adults who have multi sensory impairments and or other complex needs/disabilities.

Intervenor staff are skilled in many communication methods and provide essential support and respite. Support can be in the home, educational or other recreational settings.

Intervenors can convey the words spoken around the person, the visual and environmental information too.


We can provide language professionals for BSL, Deafblind, manual and more. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Communication Methods

A range of communication methods can be used or introduced when speech and written text become difficult or not used at all. Deafblind block, manual, large print, clear speech, symbols, pictorial, aids and adaptations too. Staff supporting people with complex communication systems may use some of the above but also objects of reference, personal objects of reference, sign language systems or preferred methods that may be completely individual to the person.

How do we work?

The amount of hours in a service can vary, you can use them on an ad hoc basis, daily, or weekly. We offer support at a time and place of your choice. We work to suit your needs. We work with you to plan your service, a worker is assigned to you, so you have the consistency of staff that will get to know your preferences. You book your service hours when you need them we invoice you monthly for the hours.

If you would like to contact us about arranging a free of charge visit to establish what you would need/like please contact our care team.

A Quality Service

In order to provide the best service for you, staff are uniquely matched to each person based upon their qualifications and experiences.

Services are regularly reviewed with the person and their chosen key people in order for the person to make changes and give feedback, tailoring the service and gaining information from the person about their preferences, wishes and needs enable staff to provide exactly the right support.

This is important for the person and it’s important to us. Peoples needs and situations change and our services are flexible to accommodate this.

The staff at One to One Support Services are professional and work from a strict Code of Practice. They will act with respect, discretion and confidentiality at all times. Promoting and supporting people to be as independent as possible. All our staff are thoroughly vetted at interview stage and have an Enhanced DBS check with all references gained prior to commencing work.

When services are being delivered a manager is on call 24 hours a day.

Quality only truly happens when you care enough to do your best.