Safeguarding Policy Statement

One to One Support Services has a safeguarding policy statement that we use.
Introduction, Scope and Purpose

1. Safeguarding is an all-encompassing term used to describe many aspects of keeping our students safe:
Student health, safety and wellbeing

  • Child protection
  • Protection of adults at risk
  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination including racial abuse
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Domestic violence
  • Safety from sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation and forced marriage
  • Alcohol, drug and substance misuse
  • E-safety including all aspects of electronic communication
  • Financial exploitation
  • Protecting people from radicalisation and extremism
  • The security and safety of the One to One student's place of learning
  • Risk of FGM or HBV to the individual.

2. The policy covers all One to One Support Services students whether they are based in the Training Academy, on a visit, at a work placement or in workplace learning; it covers all aspects of a student’s programme regardless of where it takes place. It is the responsibility of all staff to understand their role in supporting safeguarding across all aspects of provision and for familiarising themselves with the appropriate procedures and other policies that support this overarching document.   

Key Principles

3. One to One Support Services will operate within the following key principles when it relates to safeguarding:

  • All people will be treated with respect and with courtesy by staff and students in an environment that is free from harassment or discrimination.
  • All training rooms, communal areas, facilities and equipment will comply with legislative health and safety standards.
  • One to One Support Services will work with students and other agencies to promote a safe and healthy culture.
  • One to One will develop partnerships to proactively protect students at risk of abuse, neglect or at risk of radicalisation.
  • Staff will be trained and will have a clear understanding of personal safety and good safeguarding practices as well as what factors may make students vulnerable to a range of safeguarding concerns.
  • One to One Support Services will work with students to promote their own personal health, well-being and safety including their safety online.
  • One to One Support Services will work proactively to raise awareness of radicalisation and extremism in order to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.
  • Students will receive confidential advice, guidance and support for a range of issues that they may face. They will be signposted to external agencies where specialist support is required.
  • One to One Support Services will support students to have personal resilience and be able to make informed and sensible decisions about their safety and wellbeing.

Students’ Entitlement

4. In order to promote a healthy and a safe environment, our students will be entitled to the following:

  • The right to make a disclosure to any member of staff and know that the disclosure will be dealt with quickly, sensitively and appropriately. 
  • To learn in an environment free from bullying or harassment.
  • To be made aware of strategies and actions that to keep themselves safe whether within One to One Support Services, outside One to One Support Services or online.
  • To be made aware of the basic principles of safe learning and safeguarding relevant to the programme that the student is completing.
  • To be made aware of how to access support on personal health and safety issues either within One to One Support Services or from outside agencies. 
  • To be provided with up to date information around personal safety issues.
  • The opportunity to comment and feedback on the extent to which One to One Support Services courses promote and maintain well-being and personal safety.
  • Learn about interpersonal and communication skills that promote and establish a welcoming, safe and respectful environment. 

Strands of Activity

5. The safeguarding efforts of One to One Support Services are supported by the following core strands of activity, where relevant, working procedures and other policy documents have been signposted within this section.

Safe learning

6. The principles of the ‘Keeping children safe in education’ and safeguarding agendas will be embedded within One to One Support Services teaching and learning practices and within the One to One Support Services quality assurance and quality improvement frameworks. Safe recruitment practices will be implemented as outlined in the relevant section of this policy.

7. One to One Support Services is committed to engaging students on issues related to financial health, mental health and physical health – in order to improve their quality of life. The aim is to provide students with the tools to make healthy and safe decisions.

8. One to One Support Services commitment to safe learning is enshrined within the following policies and procedural documents: guide to outstanding teaching, learning, training and assessment 2016/17; the tutorial policy; the quality assurance and quality improvement strategy;  the teaching, learning, training and assessment observation policy; student code of conduct and disciplinary procedure and as appropriate HR policies and procedures.

Safe environment

9. One to One Support Services will provide an environment that is safe and secure for all users, whilst at the same time is friendly and welcoming. Robust systems and processes will be in place for staff and student identification and for visitor registration. A culture of respect that is free from bullying and harassment will be engendered. Health and safety is of paramount importance and as such all facilities and resources will comply with legislative requirements for health and safety.

10. One to One Support Services commitment to the safe environment is enshrined within the following policy and procedure documents: the health and safety policy and manual; the IT acceptable use policy for students and the incident reporting procedures.

Safe recruitment

11. One to One Support Services will comply with best practice in the recruitment and training of its staff, in line with legislative requirements. Staff will undergo the appropriate DBS checks for their role where applicable, and undertake mandatory safeguarding training appropriate to their role.
Staff will understand the principles of safe working practices, as outlined in the Safe Working Practices at One to One Support Services document and the Code of Conduct, and how not to put themselves in situations that compromise themselves or students. All new starters will receive an appropriate induction, including safeguarding.

Safeguarding students

12.One to One Support Services has a legal obligation to protect young people and vulnerable adults from abuse. One to One Support Services has an appropriately trained safeguarding team and other staff that form a ‘safeguarding team’ who will ensure that disclosures made by students are dealt with quickly, sensitively and appropriately. All staff will be trained in the appropriate response to a student disclosure and the correct procedure for dealing with concerns about a student. Teams will work with students to proactively protect them from abuse and neglect and prevent students being placed in an abusive situation. 

13. One to One Support Services commitment to the protection of young people and vulnerable adults is enshrined within the Safeguarding Procedure.

Preventing people from being drawn into terrorism

14. One to One Support Services has certain duties enshrined within the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015. All staff are aware of their Prevent duties and One to One Support Services has robust processes in place to respond to concerns about students and staff members. There is a proactive and positive tutorial programme that enables students to explore and discuss issues in a safe and open environment. 

15. One to One Support Services commitment to Prevent is encapsulated within the Prevent policy, risk assessment and action plan and has been incorporated into the Speakers and Events Policy, IT acceptable use policy and safeguarding procedures.

Governance and reporting

16. One to One Support Services has an established safeguarding team to oversee its work in this area. The team is managed by the Managing Director and meets at least once per month. 

17. The safeguarding team receives safeguarding updates at each of its meetings; this report outlines progress against One to One Support Services development plan for safeguarding as well as providing anonymous reports of safeguarding incidents. In addition, the training academy manager completes a monthly report on matters related to safeguarding, prevent and equality and diversity is provided for partners.

Links with external agencies

18. One to One Support Services works with Local Safeguarding Children Boards, the Local Authority Designated Officer, the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub and other professions to ensure a comprehensive safeguarding network is in place. Advice will be taken from professionals within these organisations as appropriate.

19. One to One Support Services will work proactively with the regional Prevent coordinators and where appropriate the local steering group and Channel panel.

Key Responsibilities

Managing Director - will have overall responsibility for ensuring that One to One Support Services meets its obligations within this area. They will be responsible for the approval of relevant safeguarding policy.

The Training Academy Manager - will oversee Teaching and Learning. They will be responsible for ensuring that the safeguarding processes and procedures are robust and consistently applied and that One to One Support Services fulfils its legal duties as enshrined within the legislation.

The Human Resources Manager - will be responsible for ensuring that safe recruitment practice is embedded and implemented across One to One Support Services, that the single central record is accurately maintained and that all staff have received appropriate training and development.

They will be the first point of contact for complaints made against staff and will liaise with the Local Area Designated Officer on all such matters.

All employees - will have a responsibility for completing their training, familiarising themselves with Keeping children safe in education: safeguarding information for all staff (Department for Education 2015) the Safeguarding Procedure, the Prevent Policy and any other related safeguarding policies and procedures. They are also responsible for ensuring they understand their own role in the promotion of safeguarding and the appropriate action to be taken should they receive a disclosure or have concerns about a student.

Further Information, Advice and Guidance
Information, advice and guidance can be sought from any of the following:

  • The Managing Director - overall responsibility for company safeguarding. 01246-200018
  • The Training Academy Manager - responsible for the teaching and learning. 01246-235208
  • The Human Resources Manager - responsible for the safe recruitment of staff. 01246 200018

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