Equality and Diversity Scheme

One to One Support Services Equality Scheme Page

One to One Support Services equality scheme sets out our approach to ensuring that the training academy delivers for all sections of our community.

Section A - Overview and Background


The Equality Scheme for One to One Support Services sets out our approach to ensuring that the training academy delivers for all sections of our community both in terms of our recruitment and achievement of learners and in terms of our employment practices and promotion opportunities throughout the company.

In drafting the scheme’s main objectives and action plan we have undertaken a detailed data analysis related to both learners and staff, some actions have been identified as a result of this analysis and in particular where we may have a gap in achievement or are currently underrepresented by certain groups. In addition, we have been mindful of the need to proactively promote equality of opportunity and therefore have included actions that will ensure that both our learners and staff are aware of the diversity and difference that goes to make up our society and are equipped to work in such a diverse environment.

Ensuring that equality of opportunity is embedded within all facets of our organisation is a key priority and actions identified within this scheme along with work to embed a set of core values will be the way in which we achieve this priority.

The scheme has been divided into two main sections; the first section sets out the broad context in which the training academy works, along with a statement of commitment against cross-cutting themes such as impact assessment, positive action and consultation and communication. The second section sets out the specific context and actions for certain groups.

We will consult widely on the contents of this scheme and in particular, will agree this scheme with our recognised colleague partners. We are committed to working in partnership with them to achieve our equality objectives.

What do we mean by equality of opportunity?

Equality means treating everyone with equal dignity and worth regardless of particular characteristics. People have different needs, situations and goals and it is our job to ensure that we meet them. Achieving equality means the removal of discriminatory barriers that limit what people can do and often what they can be. We recognise that people can experience inequality in a range of ways including:

  • Access to services
  • Outcomes
  • The degree of independence
  • In how they are treated by others.

The aim of this scheme is to ensure that we tackle these inequalities in a number of ways that are relevant for our organisation.

The legislative and regulatory framework

This scheme has been written in line with requirements of the Equality Act 2010. This act introduced a new single public sector duty for people who share the following protected characteristics:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage/civil partnerships
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion and belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

The public sector duty is:

1. To eliminate conduct prohibited by the Act.

2. To advance equality of opportunity between people who share protected characteristics and those that do not.

3. To foster good relations between people who share protected characteristics and those that do not.

In fulfilling our duty under the Act we may have to treat some people more favourably than others for example in making reasonable adjustments for people with a disability or in implementing positive action strategies to address disadvantage or under-representation.

Existing equalities legislation

Whilst the Equality Act 2010 extends the provisions of the law and is intended to simplify the current legislative framework it does not replace all pieces of current legislation. General and specific duties related to race, disability and gender are replaced by the single equality duty; however, we will be mindful of the need to comply with continuing provisions within legislation where appropriate.


Statutory Duties related to Prevent

Under the above statutory duties which came into effect for colleges and education providers from 1 July 2015, the training academy has a duty to promote fundamental British values; our statement of how we will achieve this is included in section H of this scheme.

Section B - Our current position and context

  • Progress against our Equality Scheme objectives 2016-2018
  • Our Equality Scheme for 2016-2018 set out clear objectives in relation to equality of opportunity what follows is a summary of our progress against those objectives.
  • Community Cohesion

One to One Support Services has worked with numerous partners including other providers, local and district councils, local schools, and community groups to develop a range of responses to community cohesion. Links with local schools and the development of events programmes that enable young people to collaboratively explore equality and diversity in a positive way. Developing the capacity and capability of our partner provider network One to One Support Services has worked extensively with its partners to provide a network to ensure that equality and diversity is embedding within teaching and learning and they are positively promoting and sharing best practice within this area. Work has included a much more sharpened focus on equality and diversity on partner appointment, monitoring and tracking of incidents related to equality and diversity on a monthly basis and the provision of online training and support from partners.

Focus on particular protected characteristics and ensure One to One Support Services in inclusive and welcoming. Since the opening of the One to One Support Services Training Academy, we have had a particular focus on disability and sexual orientation; this has taken the form of specific student networks, celebratory and inspirational events and speakers and a focus on the rights and responsibilities of others to make the training academy an inclusive place for everyone. Activities have included celebrating LGBT through teaching and learning, a particular focus on homophobic bullying during anti-bullying week. This is an area that will continue to be a focus for the training academy moving forward.

The development of staff training to further develop and support the work on equality and diversity this is an area where the training academy continues to progress and develop. To date all staff have completed full training in the area of Equality and Diversity and Prevent and it would be our desire and a key priority that by the end of the life of this new scheme we have vibrant and active staff and student networks that make a significant contribution to the positive promotion and celebration of equality and diversity.


One to One Support Services Training Academy

Our Training Academy is a medium sized Further Education training provider as constituted by the Further and Higher Education Act 2002 and subsequent amendments through the Learning and Skills Act 2000. The Managing Director is responsible for the overall strategic direction and educational character of the training provider and for setting the excellent framework provision within which we work.

One to One Support Services is a successful training provider within the Yorkshire and Derbyshire area. It has been on an incredible journey of success over the last 5 years and is now widely regarded as a trustworthy provider within the health and social and childcare sector. Within the skills sector, it has a well-earned reputation for its high standard across all aspects of its provision; however, it is probably best known for the work with the unemployed and re-engaging young people and in working with employers to develop solutions for their business success.

In 2012 One to One Support Services achieves Gold Investors in People Award following the first inspection it has since go on to be further accredited this gold award in 2015. We have achieved the full matrix accreditation and are part of many preferred providers register.  As an employer in its own right, One to One Support Services is proud to employ local people and people from surrounding areas to join the care sector and achieve their qualifications to be able to upskill and progress within their role to senior and also management level.

Each year the one to one training academy provides education and training to hundreds of apprenticeship learners and supports local business in ensuring the staff are upskilled and have the high standard education the deliver quality care to individuals in need.

One to One Support Services has carved an excellent reputation when it comes to its work with employers and in particular, the work the partners have done in supporting young people into work through an apprenticeship programme and ensuring that they achieve with outstanding results.

One to One Support Services is committed to equality and diversity is well established within its vision, mission and values. The training academy does not have equality and diversity manager as the responsibility sits with all staff across the organisation. A strategic steer and oversight of equality and diversity within the training academy is provided by the Managing Director: Communications, Marketing and learner engagement that has significant knowledge and experience within this area. The training academy most recent external inspection report provided directly by City and Guilds confirmed a good to outstanding provision that fully supported equality of opportunity with many features. The training academy latest self-assessment report maintains this grades of good to outstanding and for the area of leadership and management and personal development were both graded as outstanding.

At the heart of our vision and mission lies a belief that the potential of all people needs to be recognised, respected and realised; that all people regardless of their personal circumstances have the absolute right to be treated with dignity and respect. The ability to live and work in a diverse, challenging and changing world is the key for success and fulfilment for individuals and organisations in the 21st century. Through valuing the diversity and difference of our learner and staff population, the training academy will be able to make real strides in meeting Government targets for participation, skills and success. We believe it is the differences in us all that help us to innovate and think creatively, as an organisation we need to harness the differences of all our staff and learners to enable the training academy to respond creatively and positively to what is an unprecedented time of change within the sector. In this sense, the business case for a clear and comprehensive approach to equality and diversity is obvious; by valuing the difference of all our staff and learners we will ensure the future success of both.

One to One Support Services as an employer

This Scheme not only covers our responsibilities as an education provider but as one of an employer within the local area. We have the ambition to recruit, retain and develop high-quality staff; that One to One Support Services will be the employer of the first choice for the local community and beyond. One to One Support Services currently holds the Investors in People Gold Standard as an external validation of our commitment to staff training and development.

We will only achieve this vision if we embrace equality of opportunity and promote diversity and difference within our staff group, it is this diversity and difference that will foster creativity and enable One to One Support Services to meet its overarching vision and strategic priorities. Specifically, in relation to our role as an employer we will follow the 7 steps to success:


1.       Review our jobs regularly and remove any requirements that are unnecessary and may exclude certain groups.

2.       Advertise our vacancies widely to attract a diversity of applicant.

3.       Work proactively to address issues of under-representation within our staff group.

4.       Encourage the development and progression of all staff to ensure that they actively contribute to One to One Support Services success.

5.       Ensure that our pay and reward processes are fair and address any issues that may exist in relation to equal pay issues.

6.       To provide managers with training to ensure that they manage staff fairly and treat staff with dignity.

7.       To support managers in the implementation of equalities legislation.

One to One Support Services has a comprehensive HR Strategy; this is cognisant of this Equality Scheme and incorporates an objective to be an exemplar of best practice in relation to equality and our role as an employer.

Section C - How will One to One Support Services meet the specific duties set out in the Equality Act

Eliminating discrimination

One to One Support Services operates a zero-tolerance policy in relation to discrimination; we perceive this part of our equality duty to be a minimum standard that all employees, learners, contractors and visitors to One to One Support Services will achieve.

All aspects of this scheme will support the training academy in achieving this aspect of our public sector duty. We have a number of policies, procedures and processes in place to ensure that as we have an understanding of the rights of individuals to study and work in an environment free from harassment and discrimination and that we have robust mechanisms in place for the reporting and acting on complaints of discrimination and harassment. These policies, procedures and processes

Instances of discrimination, harassment or bullying are reported to the Managing Director and handled in a confidential respectful manner in line with all the companies’ policies and procedures.

Reporting incidents One to One Support Services has robust and confidential mechanisms in place to enable staff and learners to report incidents of discrimination. The confidentiality of the individual will be maintained as will the individual be protected from any reprisals as a result of their complaint. Complaints against members of staff should be made to the training academy staff should be passed directly to the training academy manager however if this cannot be considered for other reasons passed to HR manager or Managing Director.

From feedback from learners, it would appear that no to low level inappropriate or homophobic comments are not common across the training academy, this is due to One to One Support Services instigating a positive campaign about the use of language and homophobic bullying throughout training and development of learners and staff.

Advancing equality of opportunity

The achievement of this duty is enshrined within One to One Support Services vision, values and mission. The training academy will work hard to ensure that each individual reaches their full potential regardless of their personal characteristics or socio-economic status.

The training academy will make all reasonable adjustments to its provision, teaching and learning resources, access and other publications to enable equal access for all individuals and groups.

Within One to One Support Services' context advancing equality of opportunity includes the following core focus:

1. Ensuring our staff body is representative of the communities that we serve;

2. Ensuring that young people not engaged in education, employment or training (NEET) are provided with innovative ways of re-engaging through the training academy’s partnership schemes.

3. Ensuring our young people are enabled to progress to Higher Education through the provision of locally accessible and relevant HE programmes;

4. Ensuring that our training academy embraces diversity and difference and celebrates it at every available opportunity;

5. Ensuring that equality and diversity is embedded within the training academy’s standards and teaching and learning practice and core business processes; and

6. By promoting careers and courses to underrepresented groups.


Fostering good relations

One to One Support Services will proactively promote equality and diversity. It will ensure that our learners and staff have an understanding and appreciation of the diversity and difference that goes to make up the society in which we live and work. The training academy will achieve this part of its equality duty by:

1. Ensuring that a celebration of diversity is embedded within teaching and learning and the training academy’s events and activities;

2. Providing links resources on the internet and enable understanding and therefore help to foster good relations;

3. Working in partnership with other organisations and individuals to ensure that our learners and staff are exposed to diversity and difference.

4. Work within our local community to support community cohesion

Section D - Assessing the impact of our work

In conducting its impact assessment One to One Support Services is committed to consulting with a wide range of bodies and individuals, including representatives from those groups likely to be affected by the policy (eg people with disabilities, women, BME communities, the LGBT community, faith groups), the recognised trade unions and other agencies who work to advocate on behalf of a number of groups.

One to One Support Services training academy’s work is organised into the following key departments/functions which are overseen the Managing director

1. Teaching and Learning

2. Quality and Performance

3. Business Development

4. Learner additional Support

5. Facilities management

6. Human Resources and People Development

7. Finance and Funding

8. Strategic Planning and Curriculum Development

9. Communications, Marketing and Learner Engagement

10. ICT and Learning Resources.

In order to help with the monitoring process the training academy manager along with the all staff involved directly with the learners and the company senior management team have excellent working relationships and regular meetings on a monthly basis where issues involving equality and diversity are reported which will cover key data in relation to some protected characteristics and socio-economic status. This information is used by training academy manager in the self-assessment process and is used by the senior management team as a mechanism to gauge progress against objectives and outstanding issues.


Section E - Consulting on and communicating our objectives

One to One Support Services is committed to consulting with all stakeholders in relation to its equality and diversity objectives. One to One Support Services will not deny access to this scheme in draft form and invite comment from a range of individuals both internally and externally.

One to One Support Services is committed to consulting and communicating with its learners over a range of issues and will use established mechanisms for learner consultation to review and monitor its Equality and Diversity Scheme. One to One Support Services has agreed a comprehensive Learner Voice Strategy. This will be the major mechanism by which we consult and listen to our learners. In addition, the other partner surveys.  Managers will support and monitor the development and implementation of a range of activities to promote equality and diversity across the training academy. One to One Support Services will consult with its recognised partners at regional and local level. We will utilise learner, staff and customer feedback to gather information about learners’ perceptions of the training academy and how effective our commitment to equality and diversity has been embedded across our learner population.

One to One Support Services has identified the key partners with whom it will develop its approach to equality and diversity:

1. Employees

2. Learners

3. Local schools

4. Adult and Community Learning groups

5. EMFEC Equality and Diversity Regional Network

6. Local District and County Councils

7. Job Centre Plus

8. The Skills Funding Agency

9. The Network for Black Professionals

10. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission.


Section F - Positive action

One to One Support Services will engage in a number of positive action measures to ensure that we address issues of under-representation and in some cases to help the One to One address achievement gaps of specified learners.

Under-representation, where it exists, will be picked up as part of our action planning conducted on an annual basis and implemented through the SAR and the QIP.

Through One to One Support Services marketing efforts and in particular through the work of the learner recruitment team we will work to promote such training and careers opportunity’s for young people making decisions at years 10 and 11.

We will implement a number of strategies within our systems to address any issues of underrepresentation. These measures will include positive action strategies in the recruitment of positive staff role models and the provision of additional support for those learners identified as at risk.

Section G - Using procurement to improve equality of opportunity

As an ever developing company of services both locally and in the future nationally, One to One Support Services will continue to promote equality of opportunity through its continued work within the community. All we work in partnership with now and in the future will be required to comply with our Equality Scheme and its objectives. Commitment to equality will be sought at tender stage and prior to being approved.

Section H - Promoting fundamental British values

One to One Support Services Values

One to One Support services is a value-led organisation and as such we will actively promote values that enable our learners to live and work in a multi-cultural and diverse community. Our students will be guided to not simply tolerate difference but to celebrate it in all its forms. We firmly believe that when people are enabled to be themselves they are more productive and more able to meet their own potential.

One to One Support Services has three organisational values of Respect, Responsibility and Professionalism and these are well embedded in the training academy. In July 2015 and continued into 2016 all staff undertook and will annual complete training covering British Values and all teaching staff linked to the promotional of values and this work will be continued within curriculum areas with students.

As a local training provider, the values that we uphold will guide every aspect of our behaviour.

What are British Values as defined by the Government?

“Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs”


One to One Support Services embed, supports and actively promotes these British Values in the following ways:


  • A strong and vibrant learner voice programme that takes the views of learners seriously.
  • A tutorial programme and wider activities that engage learners in the democratic processes of this country and encourage students to make their voice heard through the appropriate democratic process.
  • Regular debates encouraging freedom of expression and ensuring students have their say on key local and national issues.
  • Bespoke training resources to ensure that all learners can understand and develop knowledge surrounding British Values.
  • Regular reviews that include discussion and current information.
  • Highly trained staff to ensure IAG is supportive and structured.


The rule of law

  • Close partnership working with the police to reinforce the need for students to abide by the laws of the land.
  • Close links with agencies working with young people with criminal records to support them to get their lives back on track.
  • A learner code of conduct that sets out expectations of the training and development through One to One Support Services.
  • Embedding and reinforcement of One to One Support Services values and learner code of conduct.
  • Robust and effective disciplinary processes that provide a framework for sanction should learners not follow rules.
  • Visits and speakers from a range of organisations such as the magistrates, police, and members of parliament to encourage students to engage with lawmaking.

Individual liberty

Responsibility is one of the training academy’s core values and as such learners are encouraged to take responsibility for their own

choices, actions and decisions and the impact that they have on others.

Learners are encouraged to make informed and positive choices about their future, this may be in terms of their next steps, their behaviour or their life moving forward from One to One Support Services.

One to One Support Services aim is raising aspiration; as such we actively encourage our Learners to achieve their potential with the aim that they leave the training programme broad-minded, respectful and effective global citizens.

One to One Support Services operates a zero-tolerance policy in relation to any form of bullying. Learners are encouraged to respect each other and respect another’s right to have an opinion and express that opinion free from fear.

We work with learners to enable them to make informed choices about their own health and run regular sessions with students on topics such as alcohol awareness, drug awareness, safe sex and teenage pregnancy.


  • Mutual respect and tolerance for those from different faiths and beliefs
  • Respect is one of One to One Support Services values and as such guides both staff and learner behaviour.
  • Respect is well embedded within the learners and staff code of conduct and we actively promote an environment of mutual respect that is free from any form of harassment and discrimination.
  • Equality and diversity is well embedded within our training academy we have a robust policy framework to guide our work in this area and a proactive and effective equality and diversity policy.
  • An appreciation of and celebration of different faiths and beliefs forms part of our annual calendar of events that One to One Support Services promotes and celebrates a range of religious festivals and ideals throughout the year.
  • One to One Support Services encourages independent faith and belief within a respectful and free form fear environment.
  • An appreciation of diversity is well embedded within the training academy’s teaching and learning strategy.

Section I - Specific action we will take for identified groups

Socio-economic factors

The external environment in which One to One Support Services works makes meeting the needs of individuals from socio-economically deprived areas essential. The training academy’s vision is rooted in the belief that the training academy has a role to play in addressing socio-economic disadvantage and in so doing improving the life chances of individuals and the prosperity of the whole community.

One to One Support Services monitors the success of learners from disadvantaged groups and for 2015/16 there was no concerning gaps in the retention of the learners to the national average.

Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) project – One to One Support Services has in the past had successful achievement patterns and the programmes were bespoke and dedicated to young people suffering socio-economic disadvantage who have disengaged from education and training.

Through the One to One Support Services learner recruitment and development teams, we actively engage with individuals and communities from areas of socio-economic deprivation, the use of positive role models in the form of both staff and learners helps encourage underrepresented groups into the traineeship and apprenticeship programme.

The expansion of the training academy premises is still undergoing to develop a further teaching and learning environment to support interactive learning specifically targeted at people wanting to enter the health and social/childcare sector.

One to One Support Services has a large apprenticeship programme with elements targets both young and older people and people from deprived areas. The programmes give young and older people real job opportunities and help to break the cycle of worklessness prevalent in the local community supported by the training academy.



In 2008, the numbers of young people on school rolls begin to fall off dramatically; as a result, we live in an increasingly ageing society. Ensuring that opportunities are offered to all members of the community to contribute regardless of age will be of paramount importance in this context. The One to One Support Services HR policies will reflect this commitment and will not discriminate on the grounds of age in our recruitment and selection or progression processes. We will encourage the full commitment and contribution of all staff regardless of age.

As an education provider it is our duty not only to eliminate discrimination but to foster an appreciation of people of different ages and as such we will celebrate the success of learners and staff regardless of age.

The training academy provides education and training for a wide range of age groups and is committed to ensuring educational opportunities are available for all people within the community regardless of age. We will work actively with community groups and others to tackle the basic skills deficits within the adult population and will examine ways in which we can use our fee policy and other measures to encourage participation in education by adults.


One to One Support Services believes that disability equality is much more than providing physical access to its buildings. The training academy will strive to create an atmosphere where the contributions of all our staff and learners are valued and celebrated and that learners and staff with learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LDD) are provided with appropriate support, including adaptive equipment and special examination arrangements and in no way feel isolated from other individuals using the facilities we provide regardless of their LDD.

One to One Support Services actively recruits staff with disabilities and seeks the advice of the Additional Learning Support (ALS) team to ensure that staff are appropriately guided to be successful in their new roles. staff constantly have the opportunity to declare a disability and at One to One Support Services we endeavour to meet the needs required, we particularly have a large amount of staff that are deaf therefore we not only teach BSL but work in partnership with interpreters on a regular basis.

There are no specific achievement gaps in relation to LDD students currently; on the whole, learners who declare they have a disability or learning difficulty have fully additional support given throughout the programme.  

The training academy has a number of measures in place to ensure that LDD are given the chance to realise their potential and succeed within their desired programme.


The provision of a range of specialist teams to support learners with the following difficulties:

  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties;
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder;
  • Mental health;
  • Visual impairment;
  • Hearing impairment;
  • Physical disability;
  • Dyslexia.


Provision of specialist advice and guidance for LDD issues which includes:

  • Health, wellbeing and mental health;
  • Learner advisers;
  • Information, advice and guidance;
  • Careers guidance.


Gender reassignment

One to One Support Services is committed to ensuring we promote and protect the dignity and confidentiality of those staff and learner members who may be gender reassigned or undergoing gender reassignment therapy. We will:

  • Provide access to toilet and other facilities and services appropriate to the gender reassignment.
  • Provide time off for employees or learners needing to attend medical or therapeutic sessions within work or college time.
  • Provide confidential signposting to both learners and staff as and when required.


The confidentiality of individuals is of paramount importance in this regard and as such we do not collect data in relation to this characteristic.

Marriage and Civil Partnership

One to One Support Services will not discriminate on the grounds of marriage or civil partnership status and will actively ensure that its policies and procedures recognise the rights of a same-sex married couple and civil partners.

We will work hard to promote understanding of same-sex marriage amongst our workforce and will work with partners such as Stonewall to achieve this aim.

Pregnancy and Maternity

One to One Support Services will not discriminate on the grounds of maternity including in its recruitment and selection and promotion processes. One to One Support Services has the following processes and procedures in place to support employees wishing to take maternity leave:

  • An agreed maternity policy
  • Flexible working arrangements to enable return to work
  • Recognised keeping in touch days to enable employees to return to work with confidence

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave entitlements are available to same-sex partners are entitlements to parental leave and requests for flexible working.

In terms of our learner population the training academy will offer support for students who are pregnant during their time at the training academy, this includes additional learning support and flexible study arrangements to support achievement and progression.


One to One Support Services own community and the community that it serves are not particularly ethnically diverse, although latest census figures for the local area would indicate that this has risen by 2% to 5.3%. We believe our responsibilities in promoting race equality and celebrating racial difference are all the more important because of this. We need to ensure that our learners and staff are equipped with a knowledge and appreciation of racial difference to enable them to engage as effective global citizens.

The methodologies ensure that the One to One Support Services complies with the positive duties in relation to the promotion of racial equality and good relations between people of different racial groups:

The use of positive action as appropriate to encourage a wide range of applicants for both employment positions and courses.

The use of non-stereotypical images in all materials it produces for learners and staff and the use of images that promote a positive understanding of different cultures and racial groups.

  • Embedding equality and diversity within the curriculum, including the introduction of specific training sessions for teaching staff
  • The use of enrichment activities including learner trips and visits.
  • The celebration of cultural and religious festivals within the training academy.
  • The training academy has developed good links with local community leaders.
  • At staff induction sessions.
  • The visual promotional material on display at the training academy.


Religion and belief

One to One Support Services will also seek to promote equality of opportunity between all learners and staff regardless of their religion.

In line with the Equality Act 2006, One to One Support Services define religion and belief as:

  • Religion means any religion.
  • Belief means any religious or philosophical belief.
  • A reference to religion includes a reference to a lack of religion.
  • A reference to belief includes a reference to a lack of belief.


One to One Support Services will seek not only to eliminate gender discrimination but also to create a working and a learning environment based on good relations between women and men. To this end, the training academy undertakes to provide diverse, non-stereotypical images of women and men in any material which it produces for learners and staff. The aim is to create a positive inclusive ethos where issues of gender discrimination and stereotyping can be discussed openly, with a shared commitment to challenging and preventing sexism and sex discrimination, to respecting diversity and difference and to encouraging good relations between men and women.

Within the training academy Staff and across the company there are no issues of representation amongst males and females. One to One Support Services will consider positive action measures in the recruitment of staff to these areas to provide positive and non-stereotypical role models for all learners.

One to One Support Services will ensure that all staff, regardless of gender will have equal access to training, promotion and other aspects of career development. Where issues are identified through our impact assessment, we will consider positive action measures to address any gender imbalances or other issues.

The training academy undertakes an annual training to identify the 9  protected characteristics. This will ensure that there is strong ethical policies in place to monitor this. One to One Support Services uses the nationally agreed sector job evaluation scheme to ensure equal pay for work of equal value.

One to One Support Services will ensure that all staff are treated fairly in relation to caring responsibilities and will work with staff of any gender that may need to work flexibly in order to meet these caring responsibilities to find a solution that meets the needs of the individual and the company.

Sexual orientation

One to One Support Services will seek to actively promote equality of opportunity between all learners and staff regardless of their sexual orientation.

One to One Support Services defines sexual orientation as an individual’s sexual orientation towards:

  • Persons of the same sex as him or her;
  • Persons of the opposite sex; or
  • Both.

All of One to One Support Services policies and procedures recognise same-sex partnerships and marriages and afford same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples.

We also undertake the following activities in relation to this strand of the scheme:

  • Active engagement with gay pride events.
  • Specific and targeted tutorials about the use of homophobic language and its impact on individuals.
  • Promotion of LGBT month and a celebration of prominent gay role models.


Appendix A – Equality and Diversity Policy Statement



One to One Support Services is committed to promoting a culture that respects the diversity and difference across our society and community. Our aim is to develop an environment, which treats individuals with dignity and respect. We will work with our community to foster good relations and develop a sense of community cohesion.

The training academy aims to ensure that all individuals and groups it has contact with ie learners, actual or potential employees, contractors, visitors, parents and carers have their individual needs met regardless of: age; disability; family responsibility; marital status; race; colour; ethnicity; nationality; religion or belief; gender; sexual orientation; gender reassignment; maternity; socio-economic status; or other irrelevant criteria.

Respect is one of One to One Support Services values and we believe that our commitment to equality and diversity lies at the heart of challenging behaviour, attitudes and beliefs and respecting and celebrating diversity and difference. Responsibility, another of One to One Support Services values places individual responsibility on every member of staff and community to support, promote and celebrate diversity and difference.



We believe that all forms of prejudice and discrimination are unacceptable. In recognition of the fact that they can take a variety of forms, depending on the group against whom they are directed, the training academy will develop a framework of procedures, designed to ensure that discrimination will not take place and will take action discrimination does occur.


  • One to One Support Services will seek to challenge inequality, prejudice and discrimination.
  • One to One Support Services embrace diversity in all its aspects and aims to reflect, at every level, the community it serves.One to One Support Services will treat all individuals with respect and dignity and seek to provide an environment free from harassment, discrimination and victimisation. One to One Support Services will not tolerate any form of discriminatory behaviour.
  • Reasonable adjustments will be made to arrangements and premises to ensure access.
  • One to One Support Services will allow access to the Equality Scheme that sets out it vision and objectives in relation to equality and diversity.



Melanie Uylatt MBE, the Managing Director

Is responsible for overseeing the company’s progress towards the objectives within this Equality and Diversity Scheme and for approving the Equality Scheme and related action plan.

The Training Academy Manager

Is responsible for the ensuring equality and diversity is championed at the highest level within the training academy.

All managers

Will be accountable for the implementation of equality and diversity objectives within their teams and for championing the vision and principles of equality and diversity with their staff and learners.

Individual members of staff.

All staff

Is responsible for the implementation of and support for One to One's equality and diversity policies and action plan. It is up to them to challenge inappropriate, discriminatory and damaging behaviour as well as celebrating equality and diversity in their day to day roles across the company. Staff have a responsibility to contribute to the establishment of an equality and diversity action plan and to work with managers through formal and informal consultation mechanisms to ensure that our commitment to equality and diversity enshrined within the Scheme is translated into meaningful action across the company.

All learners

Our learners are responsible for ensuring that they abide by the training academy’s policy in relation to equality and diversity and respect difference and diversity within the training academy. They have a responsibility to provide feedback to the training academy on its policies and their practical implementation within their own organisation. They have a responsibility to challenge inappropriate behaviour amongst their peers in a constructive manner.



We will monitor progress towards our equality and diversity objectives on at least an annual basis.



Failure to comply with this policy will be taken very seriously and will result in disciplinary action being taken.

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Signature Level 1 Award in British Sign Language (QCF) is designed to enable learners to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language (BSL). A range of topics are studied that involve simple, everyday language use. It provides an introduction to BSL and is suitable for all learners.

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We are recruiting Community Care Assistants in Netheredge, Sharrow, Gleadless and Dore and Totley. If you are looking for an exciting new job - we would love to hear from you.

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When does the next course start?The next course starts 7th September 2020. Where is the course held?The courses are run at our Training Academy which is 10 Minutes away from Chesterfield town centre and has regular bus routes every 10 minutes.

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