Customer Feedback

One to One Support Services Training Academy receives some amazing feedback from the courses we run.

At the end of each training session our team run we ask attendees to fill out a 'Learners Voice' form. This form allows everyone who attends to voice their opinion. We are proud to say that we consistently receive amazing comments! We want to share these comments with you

Level 1 Health & Social Care, Children and Young People

"The best tutor I’ve ever had"


Fire Safety Course

"I have now got refreshed knowledge of the importance of fire safety. I have realised the importance of knowing clients full addresses as we will need the information if we have to call the emergency services."

"I have enjoyed learning about the different fire classes. The battery causing a fire was very interesting and I now know how to remove and destroy batteries in a safe way where they will not cause a fire."<

"I liked that everyone had an opportunity to get involved. I have learnt new things and learnt a lot around fire extinguishers."

"I have learnt about being made more aware and what fire extinguishers are for which fires. It is also important to remember postcodes as you will need to give this information to the fire service."

Medication Administration Course

"I enjoyed all of it, I enjoyed the practical’s found the course very interesting. I now have awareness of certain side effects and adverse reactions to medication. Benny was excellent."

"The tutor was brilliant, I was focused at all times. I enjoyed using the syringe and measuring the liquids as it was quite hard to get it right."

"I have enjoyed the course as it has given me lots of knowledge to administer medication the correct way. Benny answered all questions asked by giving expert advice."

"I enjoyed the fact that it was easy to understand. I feel that I have learnt much more about medication in the home. Benny made sure we understood what we were doing."

Health Care Course Refreshers

"Reminder sessions are useful in all areas of training to deliver good care"

"The tutor made learning a fun experience as well as giving lots of information needed. She provided help where needed."

"Very helpful, very informative."

"Clear relevant information, straight to the point."

Prevent and British Values

"The course was very helpful and gave me knowledge and understanding to put into practice in the setting."

"Benny was fun to listen to, she helped us out and offered us lots of information to take back to our setting."

"I liked the teaching environment, it's better than just reading about it."

Client's Feedback

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