Internal Quality Assessor

Department: Training Academy
Location: Chesterfield
Hours: Full Time
Salary: PT 28 £19,760 to PT 39 £25,480
Special Requirements:
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Responsible for:

Internal quality assurance and Assessor support & Guidance at One to One Training Academy.


a) To maintain the high level of standards at the One to One Training Academy, ensuring operations are within compliance and framework guidelines and maintaining performance documentation and records, to this effect.

b) To develop existing and future training programmes which will contribute to the One to One Support Services product portfolio, in alignment with operational growth targets.

Key responsibilities

1. Reinforce and monitor Equal opportunities and Anti-discriminatory practice.

2. Attend internal and external meetings and events consistent with the role of the Internal Quality Assessor role if required.

3. Maintain the standards of assessment through verification processes.

4. Advise and support a team of assessors across a range of qualifications delivered by One to One Support Services.

5. Liaise with the awarding bodies to ensure documentation and records are maintained to the highest standards and complete on time.

6. Ensure learners registration and certification claims are promptly and accurately processed in accordance with One to One Support Services, QCA and Awarding body requirements.

7. Identifying assessor development needs and agreeing appropriate action.

8. Assisting assessors to apply assessment criteria in a standardised manner.

9. Complete any other tasks requested as part of the quality assurance systems within the TA at One to One Support Services.

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