Training Academy Passes Matrix Inspection With Flying Colours

Date: Friday, September 01, 2017

One to One Support Services' Training Academy recently inspected by Matrix, and achieved their re-accreditation for the next 3 years!

Last month our Training Academy was inspected by Matrix who use a unique quality framework - Advise, Inform, Guide otherwise known as (AIG) to assess and measure information which supports individuals in their choice of career, learning and life goals.

One of the strengths the inspector pointed out about our Training Academy was that the "approach to service delivery is completely focused on supporting learners' needs and aspirations"  and that "learners comprehensively feel the service which they receive is impartial, free from bias and objective".

The report reinforces just how much the staff takes time to identify the needs of all of our learners in both 1 to 1 settings and in groups. The inspector reported that our prime partners reinforced this and were very positive about the effectiveness of the Training Academy. 

It highlighted the strengths within the leadership and management team stating it's "purposeful and clear where the expectations and directions of the organisation are well communicated"

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