Prevent Course Success

Date: Friday, April 28, 2017

Out of 18 people, 17 said the tutor and the course were outstanding.

One to One's Training Academy runs Prevent courses. Prevent is a strand of the Government's counter-terrorism strategy. The attendees are taught about how to spot threats, promoting British values and challenging extremism as well as much more.

Our tutor and the course received such great feedback from the course ran on, April 27th 2017, we thought we would share some of it with you:

What have you enjoyed during this course and why?

"Learning new things I didn't know before and gaining knowledge" 

"The course was very informative and helped me to understand what we should have in the setting"

"Benny's stories. I liked the teaching environment, it's better than just reading about it"

What do you feel you have learnt new?

"I have learnt more about the British values and it has given us extra knowledge"

"All different areas, not just ISIS"

"Extremism, radicalisation aim at the vulnerable"

How has your tutor supported you?

"Good explanation and pace"

"Gave well-presented training and up to date and relevant information"

"Explained everything clearly, gave plenty of opportunity for questions"

Did you feel confident to ask for more help if required?

All who attended answered "Yes"

Additional comments?

"The course was very helpful and gave me knowledge and understanding to put into practice in the setting"

"Enjoyed the course and information, and understanding more"

"Benny was fun to listen to, she helped us out and offered us lots of information to take back to our setting"

"The course was very interesting and informative, expanded on little knowledge I had"

To find out more about the course then check out our page: Prevent Course

Client's Feedback