Historic Landmark Brought Back to Life by One to One Support Services

Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017

A much-loved building in Holmewood has been given a new lease of life as the new head office of One to One Support Services.

Built in 1905, the former Railway Hotel is located at Devonshire Terrace on Health Road in Holmewood and was situated next to what was Health Railway Station, providing a comfortable place to commuters to stay during visits to districts busy industrial setting.

One to One Support Services purchased the building in 2015 and have since been sympathetically restoring the site, now renamed Devonshire Court, retaining many of the properties charming original features and character, whilst developing a truly modern office environment with the state-of-the-art equipment required to provide a home for a progressive, growing business. Devonshire Court has enjoyed a fascinating history, much of which was reported by the Derbyshire Times, at the time.

On Saturday, April 4th 1903, the Derbyshire Times announced that George Redfern, Secretary of the Hardwick Colliery Company had plans approved for “a hotel to be erected on land adjoining Health Station on the Great Central Railway”. Planning permission was granted and Mr Redfern set a budget of £3500 for the construction of the building.

A slightly more intriguing story was reported on 19th December 1925 as an inquest was held at the Holmewood Hotel into a mysterious industrial accident that took the life of a local man who was employed at the Williamthorpe Colliery at 7.30am the previous morning. The article reported that the man had been crushed and “mutilated” by the clutch wheel of a piece of heavy machinery at the pit.

Despite an investigation, inspections finding and witness statements testifying the machinery to be “in perfect working order” at the time the incident occurred, the man was found inside the closed housing unit of the clutch gear, which was operated by a level on the outside of the housing.

Since the 1920’s the Holmewood Hotel has enjoyed less controversial circumstances as a hub of the local community. Fondly known to locals as the ‘The Pig’ probably because the building was once called the ‘Pig and Whistle’, or maybe due to a period where the yard of the premises served as an abattoir where livestock raised on the surrounding allotments would meet the butcher, the Hotel was a busy and thriving bar where locals and people passing through Holmewood would socialise, meet and even get married, celebrate Christenings, seasonal festivities, funeral wakes and disco nights on a Thursday in the old ballroom which is now the operational heart of activity at One to One Support Services.

A big thank you to former resident and local historian John Robinson, the Holmewood Past and Present Facebook group and the Derbyshire Times archive, for their contributions in piecing this fascinating building's history together. If you have any images you want to share please do Contact Us.