Amazing feedback on Medication Administration Course!

Date: Monday, October 30, 2017

Today marked the start of our Medication Administration courses and we got some amazing feedback

Today we held a Medication Administration course at our Chesterfield Training Academy. At the end of the course all attendees filled out a 'Learner Voice' form and we received some fantastic feedback we would like to share with you. 

A few people commented on the practical side of the course saying: "The tutor was brilliant, I was focused at all times. I enjoyed using the syringe and measuring the liquids as it was quite hard to get it right" and "I enjoyed all of it, I enjoyed the practical’s found the course very interesting. I now have awareness of certain side effects and adverse reactions of medication. Benny was excellent."

Another commented on how the tutor made the course relevant to their environment: "I enjoyed the fact that it was easy to understand. I feel that I have learnt much more about medication in the home. Benny made sure we understood what we were doing"

Plus other incredible comments such as:

"I have enjoyed the course as it has given me lots of knowledge to administer medication the correct way. Benny answered all questions asked by giving expert advice." 

"I have learnt new details on medication."

"Everything was educational. I have learnt about the policies and procedures."

"All the information given was detailed throughout the course." 

We hope to be running the course again very soon so keep an eye on our website and on our social media to book your place. Or get in touch with our team either by phoning: 01246 235 208 or go to our Contact Us page.

Client's Feedback