A Staff Members Journey - Lynsey Booker

Date: Thursday, April 26, 2018

Recently we sat down with Senior Support Worker Lynsey Booker to find out exactly how she ended up where she is today. Working for many years as a receptionist at a local Opticians to discovering One to One Support Services, attending the Level 1 Health & Social Care Course, being successful at interview and becoming part of the One to One Team. Progressing up the career ladder from a to a Senior Support Worker in less than a year.

“The clients make this job worth doing”

Before joining One to One Support Services, Lynsey worked as a Senior Receptionist at a family run Opticians. A job she started just 3 days after leaving school and held for 25 years.

Whilst she enjoyed the role, when the business owner decided to retire and the business was taken over by new a manager, Lynsey was forced to make a decision whether to continue to work for the new manager or to find a new career.

As well as working full time at the Opticians, Lynsey was also caring for a family member due to ill health. Lynsey says this lead her to seek a new career in Health & Social care, and whilst she had no formal experience, raising 3 children and caring for an ill family member gave her more experience than most.

It wasn’t until Lynsey was referred to the Level 1 Health & Social Care/ Children and Young People Employability course via a school friend and current One to One staff member on Facebook that she saw her way in.

“One to One were running a Health and Social Care course and promoting it on Facebook, an old school friend tagged me in their post and said if I was looking for a new job that I should give the course a go”

One to One Support Services:
After completing the Level 1 course, and being successful at interview, Lynsey started her new role at One to One as a Support Worker in July 2017.

“Although I had experience in care because of caring for family, the job was very different to what I was used to, going from a Receptionist job to a Support Worker is a huge leap, and although helping people was a huge part of my previous role, this was very different”.

Just a few months into the role, Lynsey had established herself as a key member of the team and been able to showcase her skills, abilities and familiarity with the role.

After only being with the company or a few months, Lynsey was promoted to a Senior Support Worker working very closely within the team and with management. Moving forward, Lynsey would like to progress to the Service Manager role but still wants to stay involved with the clients.

“The best part about the job is the clients"

When asked what advice Lynsey would give to potential new staff her response was “Go for it! Everyone has good days and bad days but working at One to One you are always surrounded by helpful and supportive people”

“The whole team at One to One is very supportive and always willing to help”

What Others Say:
Lynsey’s Manager Ajay was extremely complimentary when asked about Lynsey he said “Lynsey is fantastic! Since joining One to One she has really progressed leaps and bounds. It’s obvious Lynsey enjoys learning new skills, and is always enthusiastic about the job. When it comes to clients, Lynsey is always very understanding and loved by all of them”.

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