Supporting People in a Health or Care Setting - One Day Training Course

The Supporting People in Health or Care Settings One Day Training Course is an awareness course for health and/or care staff who have contact with people with sensory impairments. 

Who is the course for?

Perfect for health and/or care staff who have contact with people with sensory impairments. Although no prior knowledge is required.

What is covered in the course?

  • Communication. What is it?
  • How do we communicate
  • Types of sensory impairment
  • What is dual sensory impairment (DSI)? 
  • Terminology & definitions
  • Definitions of Deafblindness
  • How to recognise a person with DSI
  • Understanding the difference between Acquired and Congenital
  • Maximising residual sight and hearing
  • Supporting patients assertiveness and decision making
  • Supporting understanding or the processes of care and intervention
  • The psychological and emotional impact the DSI may have on a person
  • Understanding the issues that a person with sensory loss might face
  • Communication tactics and methods that can be used - Deafblind block, manual, Braille, Moon, tactile and other systems
  • Language modification
  • Technical aids and adaptations for supporting communication 
  • Where to go for further assistance and support - agencies
  • Law and legislation for supporting people with DSI - section 7
  • Safe guiding techniques
  • Guiding from walking to seating, stairs, around obstacles and into vehicles
  • Planning care for Deafblind people exercises
  • Auditing of environmental factor for supporting communication 
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