Supporting People in a Health or Care Setting - Half Day Training Course

The Supporting People in Health or Care Settings Half Day Training Course is an awareness course for health or care staff who have contact with people with sensory impairments. 

Who is the course for?

Perfect for health or care staff who have contact with people with sensory impairments. Although no prior knowledge is required.

What is covered in the course?

  • Communication. What is it?
  • How do we communicate
  • Types of sensory impairment
  • What is dual sensory impairment (DSI)? 
  • Terminology & definitions
  • Understanding the difference between Acquired and Congenital
  • How to recognise a person with DSI
  • Approaching a person with sensory loss
  • Maximising residual sight and decision making
  • Supporting assertiveness and decision making
  • Supporting and understanding of the processes of care and intervention
  • Understanding the issues that a person with sensory loss might face
  • The psychological and emotional impact the DSI may have on a person
  • Communication tactics and methods that can be used - Deafblind block, manual, Braille, Moon, tactile and other systems
  • Technical aids and adaptations for supporting communication 

How much does this course cost? 

£44.00 PP - Group rates are available.

To find out more or register then please either see our Contact Page or call 01246 235 208

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