Deafblind Support Worker - Two Day Training Course

One to One runs an in-depth two-day course for those working regularly with for supporting people with acquired sensory impairments. Prior Dual Sensory Impairment (DSI) knowledge would be beneficial in taking this course.

Who is the course for?

This is an in-depth course for those working regularly with or supporting people with acquired sensory impairments. Prior dual sensory impairment knowledge would be beneficial.

What topics are covered in the course?

  • Communication. What is it?
  • How do we communicate
  • Types of senses
  • What is dual sensory impairment (DSI)?
  • Terminology and definitions
  • Facts and statistics of DSI
  • Types of sensory impairment

                Deafblindness - Acquired - Congenital

  • Techniques of communication

                Clear speech - Sign language - Deafblind block, Deafblind manual - Objects of reference - Braille - Moon

  • Affects and implications on life - what does this mean to an individual? 

                Communication - Mobility - Relationships - Life experiences - Learning

  • Society and culture 

                The medical model V social model

  • Law and Legislations 

                Section 7 guidance - DDA 

  • Identification and assessment of Deafblind person

                Congenital Deafblind - Acquired Deafblind

  • Identifying changes in sight and hearing
  • Communication with people with DSI

                Factors influencing communication - Barriers to communication & how to break through - Types of communication methods - Language modification - Good practise 

  • Environmental auditing and supportive environments 
  • Guiding and mobility

                Barriers to mobility - Techniques - Doors - Stairs - Communication - Seating and Manoeuvring

  • Planning services and activities
  • Assess the positives and negatives of your work environment 
  • Principals of professional practise 
  • Communicator guides
  • Support workers
  • Planning services and activities 
  • Agencies that support people with DSI

How long is the course?

This course is run over two days; it can be delivered at our Training Academy in Chesterfield or brought to your work place. The days run: 09:30-16:00

To find out more or register then please either see our Contact Page or call 01246 235 208

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